Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The things that make it all worthwhile

If you have kids then you have trials and tribulations.  If you have girls then you have drama.  But sometimes ya gotta just shake your head and smile.  Like those times when little sister falls asleep on the couch next to big sis, who stops her game and finds a blanket to tuck little sister very tenderly in with a gentle kiss to the forehead.  Or when your two year old clears her place at the table even before big sister sets the example.  This is why I willingly will make the sourdough pancakes and bacon for them on a school morning.  Granted, that's not such a big deal this year since we only have afternoon kindergarten...  Mommy is not a morning person.  Next year is gonna hurt.  :S  But they're worth it.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of the girls! I hope we get to see you when we are visiting in Feb. Beth

hobby baker said...

That would be great! Let us know when you're down and maybe we can take a 3-day weekend and pop over to get all the cousins together.


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