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Cardamom Bread (Traditional Finnish Pulla) #BreadBakers

J'adore cardamom bread.  Every year in December when I was growing up, one of our family friends would bring over a gorgeous braided loaf, topped with fine white sugar.  We would slice that baby up and savor it plain, and buttered, and toasted and buttered, it was fantastic.  I'm sure she made dozens every year as gifts.  Having gifts like that, along with getting a bread machine when I was in junior high or high school was probably one of the bigger reasons I got into bread baking.  And fortunately bread always seemed to come fairly easy to me.  The feel of dough made sense.  It's funny, because my brother, a fantastic chef, had an unfortunate propensity to turn out bricks when he tried to make bread.  His talent with yeast bent more toward brewing.  And though I am not a huge beer fan, the taste of some of his IPA's and other brews that I have been able to try have been very nice.  It would be fun to try baking with one...

But today, Pulla.  That's what traditio…

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