Sunday, March 3, 2013

Frozen Berry Parfait

My daughter came up with this treat last year as a special concoction just for me.  She had found a yogurt parfait recipe in a Fancy Nancy book of hers but we didn't have all the ingredients.  So she improvised and came up with something great.  She has made it numerous times since then for both her sister and me and I promised I would post it for her someday.  Little sis devoured this one with relish.  She always requests extra crisps as she eats each layer.  ☺  Now I realize not everyone will be able to find quinoa crisps, though they are fabulous, so feel free to use your favorite alternative; granola, grape nuts, crushed cereal...

Frozen Berry Yogurt Parfait
serves one

Greek style yogurt, stirred smooth (Honey, Strawberry or Lemon flavors are great)
Frozen berry medley
Quinoa crisps

In a glass, put a dollop of yogurt.  Top with a few frozen berries and continue layering yogurt and berries to the desired amount.  Top with a generous sprinkle of quinoa crisps or desired crunchy topping.  Finish with a few more berries and whipped cream if desired.


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