Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Expanding lunchbox options - The Apple Sandwich

I have been lax of late regarding sandwich bread.  I just haven't been making it and really don't care to buy it.  So I have been poring through websites, cookbooks and Pinterest trying to find ideas for lunch that do not require bread.  I don't always have soup on hand, and I've decided that S is not really ready for soup in her lunchbox yet.  She just eats too slowly.  She would prefer the soup for breakfast actually, and that's what she had this morning.  Lucky kid that can withstand the call of sugar and carbs; I set down a piece of cinnamon toast in front of her from the Sûkerbôlle from this weekend and she actually started crying.  She wanted "squishy eggs" instead.  (That's poached eggs.)  Good thing they only take about seven minutes to both heat up the water and cook.

At any rate, Pinterest and blogs are a good way to get new ideas.  I've seen many versions of this pretty looking "sandwich" on Pinterest.  I don't know who came up with it first but I thought I'd try it out.  You can add granola if you want some crunch or starches.  I still have a bit of banana bread left and it is great for sending in lunches.  Lately I have introduced the girls to "ants on a log" which they wholeheartedly embraced once I decided to use mini chocolate chips as the ants.  Big surprise there.  I hope this goes over well because it is really pretty and it should taste just smashing.  I decided to add dried cranberries to the mix.  Those would probably be great on the original ants on a log as well.  They are super easy and I will tell you how I assembled mine.  Use your imagination and favorite toppings!

S LOVED her apple sandwich and ate the whole thing at lunch, to the exclusion of everything else.  But she finished the rest after school.  ☺ 

The Apple Sammy
makes 1 serving

1 apple
your choice of nut or seed butters
mini chocolate chips
dried cranberries or raisins
granola (optional)

lemon juice

Slice your apple into rings approximately ¼" in diameter.

Using a small cookie cutter or paring knife, remove the core area.  (You can get cute here and use a mini heart or star or whatever shape cookie cutter - I just used the little 1" removable center circle from my biscuit cutter.)

Fill a bowl or glass measuring cup with a little water and a couple splashes of lemon juice and dunk the apples slices to prevent browning.

Lay the slices on a paper towel to dry and assemble.

Spread half the slices with your preferred nut/seed butter.

Place the dried cranberries or raisins around the ring and then sprinkle with mini chocolate chips.  Add granola too if desired.

Sandwich the plain slices on top of the spread slices.  One large apples should yield two to three sandwiches plus apple snackies, depending on how thick you slice.

You could drizzle these with honey at home for a special treat!

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