BBB Velvety Bean Bread Roundup

We had a few bakers try out our Bean Bread recipe for July, and they did a great job!  Just days after the recipe was posted, Shirley, formerly of Flourishen Test Kitchen blog, had her beautiful loaf baked, and it was a second try!  Both versions are shown on her blog and she has some good tips on the bread there.

Ever Open Sauce

Next, Gilad submitted results, saying the bread was easy to make and had a lovely crumb.  It certainly did, look at that crumb!  Gilad actually tried out the bread a second time as well, substituting chick peas for the white beans, just to see how it would work!  We love to see experiments like that.

Gilad Ayalon Vegan

And finally, Marcin submitted this version using rosemary, chleb fasolowy z rozmarynem.  A beautiful Bean Bread with rosemary.

Grahamka, weka i kajzerka...

Thank you so much, buddies, for baking along with us.  Great job on your breads!

That's it for July, stay tuned on the 16th for the next recipe and challenge.  You can also find the posts of many of the Babes for each month on the Facebook group!


  1. Wow! great looking loaves from the Buddies!

  2. I cannot get over the loft that people got with this bread. Yay, BBBuddies!!


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